Not for what marketing does, but for what marketing has become.

So many people the world over make marketing out to be some sort of complex science. I presume to make themselves look smart or to try and justify the money they are charging you.

But marketing isn't complex. I believe it's just common sense with a few good ideas thrown on top. The entire business function should be renamed just that.

These days, marketing is so full of data, analysis, graphs, spreadsheets, research groups, channel medium, tactics and layers of people that it no longer creates new or strong ideas.

It has done this to be safe. But marketing is not safe. Nothing new or bold ever is.

And I think this is holding British farming back. Despite having some of the best produce in the world we are failing ourselves and our industry with bland, impotent messaging that consumers are actively trying to avoid.

So rather than complain and get bitter, I thought I'd put my money where my mouth is and do something about it.

ThisĀ website is dedicated to righting some of those wrongs.

This is my take on common sense and some good ideas.