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What's your unfair advantage?

What's your unfair advantage?
Find your unfair advantage and exploit it!

What makes some people succeed where others have failed? Or businesses to flourish whilst seemingly stronger competitors flounder?

There are multiple facets to success such as luck, hard work, connections or timing but one thing that is often overlooked is your unfair advantage.

Every person and farm has an unfair advantage that can be exploited to help you suceed.

In simple terms....

An unfair advantage is something unique to you or your farm business that set's you apart from the competition. Something that puts you at an unfair advantage to everyone else. It could be:

  • Location
  • Physical size
  • Soil type
  • Topography
  • Access
  • knowledge
  • It could even be you!

Ali Abdaal talks about unfair advantages in his video here:

I'll go first...

When I look at our own farm there are a couple of things that spring to mind for our unfair advantage.

Our farm is out in the middle of nowhere (which you might look at as a disadvantage) but one unfair advantage we have is our topography.

Combining pasture and upland hill ground gives us the ability to run multiple enterprises (beef, sheep and dairy) which allowed enough diversification should one of these run into trouble.

Now fast forward 10 years and I would say our unfair advantage is this:

Glenglass substation in SW Scotland

The farms location bordering and providing access to Glenglass substation. This has provided opportunities to work with Scottish Power Transmissions in allowing access for the connection of various windfarms and renewable projects in the area.

The decision to locate the substation here and to have access over the farm were down to blind luck but it does put us at an unfair advantage.

A lot of things in life are unfair but if you can use that 'unfairness' to your advantage, it can help massively to your success.

So what's you and your farms unfair advantage? And how can you exploit it?

Until next week....