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The Trojan Horse Effect

The Trojan Horse Effect
Farm protests are quickly descending in to this.....

Here are 3 things Welsh farmers care about:

  • Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS)
  • Bovine TB
  • Nitrate vulnerable zones

Here are 3 things Welsh farmers DON'T care about:

  • COVID vaccines
  • Bill Gates
  • The Great Reset

Whilst I hope I'm not speaking out of turn, it does highlight an important point that has arisen from our farm protests.

And that is how to stop them descending into a 'trojan horse' for every ring wing conspiracy theorist with a gripe towards the government to jump upon.

Algorithms love conflict

When discussing farmer protests on social media, I have noticed the comment sections filled with people who have nothing to do with farming jumping in on the debate.

Showing support for farmers is no bad thing but many comments include suggestions of overthrowing the government, conspiracy theories relating to COVID vaccines and why we should stop Bill Gates buying up more farm land.

This video of mine was a good example.

Yes, it has gained a lot of views and subscribers to my channel but I feel they might be the wrong type of audience. To the point where I'm actual regret making the video. The message seems to have been lost in translation.

And this is where we, as an industry need to be careful.

A lack of leadership

The message that forms the backbone of our farming protests is now being diluted by an ever growing list of conspiracy theories and right wing propaganda.

This is being allowed partly due to a lack of leadership within our industry bodies who have been noticeably absent throughout all of this.

Farmers, as far as I can see, want to farm. They'd rather not protest unless they absolutely need to. And in doing so they want to protect their industry, their business and their livelihoods.

The biggest difficulty facing farmer protests is keeping the farming message front and centre. If it get diluted then there is a strong chance it'll be thrown out along with the latest conspiracy theory predicting the downfall of civilisation.

Until next week......