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Milk Marketing is F*cked.

Milk Marketing is F*cked.

I look at milk in the supermarket and wonder how the hell did it get in such a mess.

For all it's health benefits and goodness, the product has become a commodity being sold at rock bottom prices as a lost leader in nearly every UK supermarket.

I'm not going to delve into a history of milk in the UK or the complexities of producing a product with such a short shelf life but i will mention one thing that has, and continues, to let the product down.

And that is milk marketing.....or lack thereof.

Milk may be a commodity but that doesn't mean it should look like a commodity.

People say milk is a commodity but there is no excuse for it looking like a fucking commodity!

Like the product itself, the packaging has been reduced to its bare bones. Yes, it tells the consumer what it is and what where it's produced. But it does nothing to excite, stand out, entice or create desire for the consumer.

Want to know why companies can sell bottled water for more than milk? Marketing and branding. There's your answer.

Want to know one thing that I believe could help boost milk's presence, shelf price and sales. Marketing and branding.

Dairy Alternatives

This issue around marketing and branding is brought into focus when we consider dairy alternatives.

Along with providing a distinct point of difference, brands in this space are nailing their marketing and branding. None more so than Oatley.

Oatly marketing campaign - light years ahead of dairy milk!

Whether you like the product or not (for the record - I don't) you can't help be drawn in by their marketing. It's looks different and unique whilst the brand feels human and engaging.

These guys know that to upend a massive industry like milk, you can't play by the same rules.

It's about time dairy milk did the same.

How to fix this mess

With the abolishment of the milk marketing board I put the blame for this mess firmly with the processors and supermarkets. But the chance of getting either of those to do anything is next to fuck all.

Milk needs an investment in it's image and marketing if things are to improve.

Rather than endless negotiations focusing on price, processors should  invest in their products, raise their presence and intrinsic value.

The focus shouldn't be on the features and benefits. Every day consumers really just don't care. And it's not enough to cut through the noise. There needs to be a fundamental shift in thinking when it comes to milk marketing.

I don't expect processors or supermarkets to do this. So I'll give it a shot.

Watch this space.