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Ideas are the easy part....

Ideas are the easy part....

I've had a tough week. Well, more frustrating than tough but I'm now in a bad mood on a Friday, which is frustrating in itself!

I'm annoyed at peoples inability to do anything different. To take a risk. To have a go.

I don't want people to take risks per se, I want them to succeed. And I'm firmly of the believe that we need to take more risks in order to succeed, particularly in marketing.

I've been tasked with creating content for this years Cereals Event taking place in June. The team at Cereals wanted to change up their marketing, do something different and make it more engaging.

I put together a few concepts and pitched them on what I thought would work. They agreed and we were off to the races.

An example of one of the social posters.....

I wanted to use the exhibitors attending the event for some video content. Free promotion on their behalf and engaging content for Cereals - surely this would be a win win for everyone?

As it turns out, no. Any suggestion out with the standard corporate template sends people running to the hills. "I don't think it would work" or "it doesn't fit with our brand" were just some of the objections.

And whilst the ideas aren't for everyone there does seem to be a distinct lack of ability to take a risk, to have a go, to try something different.

Which is frustrating and disappointing in equal measures.

It's holding us back

This conservative nature I believe is one of the things that's holding our industry back. I KNOW there is a ton of potential within the sector but it's not going to be realised unless we're prepared to do something different.

As someone who comes up with ideas for a living I've come to realise that's actually the easy part.

Getting people to execute those ideas is much more difficult.

Until next week.....