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How to get into farming?

How to get into farming?
How to get into farming in 2023

The trouble with this question is that most people assume that you want or need to buy farmland. But you don’t.

So here are some alternative options along with a few resources/guides to help you get into farming in 2023:

Running your own business

There are a ton of options to get run and own your own business in farming without buying land. Here are some of the most common options:

  • Taking on a tenancy - whilst the terms and rent periods are nowhere near as good as they used to be, this is still a good option for many
  • Contract farming - where a contractor undertakes a particular operation on someone else's land
  • Shared farming - where the landowner and farm operator operate 2 separate businesses on the same land
  • Joint ventures - where 2 or more people farm some or all of the land between them
  • Partnership - where 2 or more people decide to farm together under a specific legal structure

This is one of the best guides to farm business models I have found and an invaluable resource for those wanting to establish a business in farming.

Jobs in farming

There are loads of jobs within agriculture that all require various degrees of experience. Starting as an apprentice or get an internship to build up your experience can be a great way into the industry and achieve more senior positions such as an estate manager.

Other Options

It's worth noting that it's not all about arable or livestock farming these days. With the industry undergoing significant change, look into horticulture, agro-forestry and environmental services as a way into the industry without directly working on a farm itself.

Buying Land

But lets say you do want to buy land? With record high land prices and demand far outstripping supply, this is a pipe dream for the vast majority. Unless you have very rich parents or a load of cash looking for a home then I'd focus on the options outlined above.

These days, those who are able to buy land are bringing money in from outside the industry - be it from property or another successful business. Popular YouTuber Cammy Wilson has openly stated that he's using the majority of revenue from his YouTube Channel to buy a farm.

So whilst difficult, it's not impossible if you're prepared to think outside the box!

Key considerations

With all of these routes, experience and credibility are key - especially if you're looking to raise money for your business venture. Start from the bottom if needs be, work your way up and be in it for the long haul.

As always,  please make sure you seek proper financial and legal advice if you’re thinking of getting involved with any business venture.

Oh, and good luck!

Until next week...…