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Should you outsource your creative?

Should you outsource your creative?
To outsource or not to outsource? That is the question.....

When coming up with new ideas, should you pay a creative agency to do it, or do you back yourself to come up with world beating ideas in house?

This might split opinions.

On one hand, I'm firmly of the belief that EVERYONE can come up with great ideas and you know your customers better than anyone.

On the other hand, creative agency exist to look at industries and projects with fresh eyes and try a different approach.

Real life example

Rather than just talk about it, lets take a look at a real life example and you can make your own mind up on this.

Grounded Research are working with a leading agricultural charity, RABI, as they develop their marketing strategy towards UK consumers to encourage them to connect with UK farmers and support RABI in delivering vital services to the community.

They are looking to gather farmer's and agri professionals' feedback on the advertising ideas RABI have created and their thoughts on whether they feel the adverts best represent the agricultural sector to the British public, to encourage them to support the charity through fundraising.

Here's my ask of you: click this link and complete the survey

These are ad concepts developed by RABI and I'd like your feedback on them. Do they hit the spot in terms of messaging, emotions and overall feel? Or do they need to go back to the drawing board?

Should RABI outsource their creative concepts or do it themselves in house?

What's your opinion then Sandy?

I believe that companies should do it in house. Everyone CAN come up with good ideas because everyone was given a packet of crayons as a kid and told to draw.

For companies or leaders (especially marketers) that say they can't then I'd argue you have a culture problem, not an ideas problem.

But that's a conversation for next week....