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Every Little Hurts.....

Every Little Hurts.....
A summary of British agriculture in 2023.

A fair for farmers guarantee?

It never really existed.

This image was created to reflect the state of British agriculture in 2023. Behind all the marketing fluff is an industry struggling with high inflation, loss of subsidies and constant price pressures from the big supermarkets.

And the evidence is plain to see. Milk prices continue to fall despite high input costs, food shortages are the norm and producer margins are being continually squeezed.

Despite all this, the supermarket marketing machine pumps out nonsense like the Tesco 'fair for farmers guarantee' which states:

  • Every pint of fresh milk sold at Tesco is 100% British
  • Every cow in the scheme is well cared for
  • We pay our farmers above the cost of production for their milk

The first two, I can't argue with. However, 'above the cost of production' is just too vague for it to have any real meaning.

In a recent poll on TikTok of nearly 800 users showed that 73% of people think 42ppl is an unfair price for milk in April 2023 as it is just too close to the cost of production. Dairy farmers and producers need enough profit margin built into their price to enable them to invest in their businesses for the future.

Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group advertising. Credit: Tesco

The 'fair for farmers guarantee' doesn't deliver on this. Far from it. Which is why I feel it needs to be highlighted.

On top of this, the image is a satirical piss take on what it feels like to be a British farmer in 2023. It was designed to highlight an industry abandoned and neglected by those who need them the most.

So, a 'fair for farmers guarantee'? I don't think it ever really existed in the first place.

Don't believe the bullshit.

If Tesco were to be more honest, their slogan would read 'every little hurts'. As that is what it feels like to those at the bottom of the pile.