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Darwin was right....the ability to adapt is crucial

Darwin was right....the ability to adapt is crucial

Published in 1859, On the Origin of Species was ground-breaking in many way but none more so than this quote:

It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.

The ability to adapt and adjust has allowed species, countries, industries and businesses throughout the years to survive and thrive.

Agriculture is no exception.

British agriculture is undergoing seismic change. Withdrawal from the EU, tackling climate change and pressures from the war in Ukraine.

Traditional agriculture - the ability to produce food - is no longer enough to sustain most UK farm businesses. The pressure from supermarkets to keep prices low, the reduction in subsidies and  rising input costs means it is economically unviable for farm businesses to produce food in the UK.

But many farm businesses are going from strength to strength. How?

They have adapted and adjusted. They have changed. They have diversified.

They are no longer solely reliant on food production and are not at the mercy of the supermarkets. They have the ability to generate revenue from various sources - both on and off farm - and are not afraid of trying new things.

The farm businesses that are suffering are the ones that have refused to adapt in an ever changing world.

They are doggedly walking the same road they have done for the past 50 years. Rather than change, they are happy to point the finger of blame and hope of a saviour.

But that saviour very rarely comes. And certainly not when you need them.

So ask yourself this:

  • Is what I'm doing at the minute working? I mean financially.....do the numbers stack up?
  • What new projects/revenue streams have I adopted or tried out in the past 1, 3 or 5 years? (be worried if the answer to this is none!)
  • What's my plan B. And C....and D. If all your income dried up next month, what would you do?

Change is never easy but it's inevitable.

Your ability to adapt and adjust will determine your success going forward.