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British Farming's Christmas Advert 2023

British Farming's Christmas Advert 2023
British farming's Christmas advert 2023....

I love Christmas....but hate Christmas ads. #sorrynotsorry

They all paint a gleeful picture of everyone enjoying themselves acting like we're all one big happy family. As a farmer, or someone involved in agriculture, the supermarkets Christmas ads are a difficult watch.

We all know that the real story is very far removed from the image portrayed by the marketing departments of supermarkets.

Morrisons made a half decent attempt with their 2021 'Farmer Christmas' ad but it's a shame they didn't follow through by offering their suppliers a fair price from their produce.

The plight of British farmers has been well highlighted this year through campaigns such as Riverford Organic and the stats are depressing. But without our farmers, no one would have anything to eat at Christmas.

And it's too easy to forget when we sit down at the Christmas table.

So rather than complain I thought it was time for a real, more authentic Christmas message from Britain's farmers. To remind everyone exactly who put the food on their Christmas table.

I really wish the NFU or AHDB would do a Christmas advert along these lines but realistically, that's not going to happen.

So here you have it. A real Christmas message from Britain's farmers.

Merry Christmas!