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A Public Broadcast.....

A Public Broadcast.....
As close as I'll ever get to appearing on the ad boards at Piccadilly Circus....

One thing I have realised is that the supermarkets are VERY good at marketing. The agricultural industry.....not so.

But that's not surprising really. One is amazing at producing the food, the other is amazing at selling it.

Marketing is a crucial part of the sales process but I believe it should be done in a truthful way. Don't tell lies and don't exaggerate the benefits for your own gain whilst manipulating the consumer.

That doesn't do anyone any favours.

Unfortunately, I think this is where were are with many of the supermarkets marketing tactics. Fake farms are a classic example. They don't exist. They're a figment of a marketing executives imagination. They are a lie.

Woodside Farm anyone?

So I thought it was time to launch a short public broadcast on behalf of British farmers.

A broadcast exposing some of these lies and asking the British public what are they prepared to accept. This is the result:

It's also as close as I'll ever get to appearing on the billboards at Piccadilly Circus. But that's fine by me!

Until next week.....